How to get a boat for the best price

How to buy a boat

Today’s subject of conversation will be about how to get a boat for the best price. The problem about a lot of boat dealers these days is that they will try and rip you off on every chance that they get. There are a lot of sleazy boat sales people out there that sell boats that cost over $100,000 and they will sell them to you at a price that is absolutely ridiculous. And this post we are going to teach you about How to get boats at just above invoice. Invoice is just a little bit over what boat dealers pay for their boats. They get the boats for about 60% of the price if they have them listed at and invoice is about 70%. So we will be teaching you how to save about 30% on the boat.

The first thing you want to do is go in to the boat dealership with cash in hand ready to buy the boat. If you are financing, this is not going to work for you. This is more geared towards people that have money to buy boats. By the way you should not even consider buying a boat and less you have the extra money to do it. Financing a boat is one of the worst things you could ever do.  By cash in hand we mean going to the boat dealership with a cashiers check made out to the invoice amount of the boat. Which you want to do now is go up and look at a boat and a salesman will walk over to you shortly. Next you want to look him dead in the eyes and show him the cashiers check for invoice and say I want to buy this boat right now can we make a deal?  Of coarse this boat salesman is going to haggle you and bring you up with all the reasons as to why they can’t do that. Then you can tell them that I know you know they only get the boats at 60% of the price they have it listed at. Most of the time after arguing for a little bit, if you indeed have that cashiers check ready they will sell you the boat for the price that you want it.  Don’t lowball it too much because then they will not sell it to you just go a couple thousand dollars over invoice and then tell that boat salesman you’ll give him a nice little tip if he keeps his mouth shut. They are allowed to sell the boats that invoice but the problem is that the boat salesman will not get a very nice commission for it. All you need to do is tell that Bottino’s man that’s whatever their commission is you will double. Most of the time  when they sell a boat that costs about $100,000, they’ll get a commission of about maybe 1%. Just tell them that you’ll pay 75,000 for the boat and that you’ll give him $5000 personally. That means you only paid $80,000 for the boat and he got a nice fat pay day out of it.

It is the method that we recommend you use when you talk to these boat salesman, go ahead and take this knowledge and get a good deal on a boat today!

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